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It’s quick to book a hedge trim with us! Choose and schedule in a date and time that is convenient for you. Over time, hedges, shrubs and bushes can become overgrown and unpleasant to look at may be difficult to reach or take of by yourself.

We have extended our services to the following areas:

We provide hedge cutting and decorative trimming services. All hedges and bushes are covered. by our crew. We will use hand trimmers and electrical trimmers to reduce the heights and shape shrubs to attractive designs. We will plan and achieve any type of hedge style or appearance you want

hedges being chipped with a grinder and van

All of our Tree Surgeons, Arborists, and Gardeners are trained to an industry-leading level. The first aspect that we emphasize when our staff are trained is health and safety and well-being in their work environments and the right usage and upkeep of the machines they run. The health and safety and well-being of our staff members, our service, and our community is our primary concern.

Using the latest high-powered hedge trimmers and cutting equipment allows us to complete jobs much more efficiently, which is perfect for our commercial customers. Our team have also trained on more intricate decorative hedge design patterns, understanding that each species of hedge or bush is unique and has it’s own set of requirements and abilities to grow. This allows us to cut a hedge correctly without causing any extensive damage.

curved hedge design for local council Letterkenny

Book A Professional Hedge Cut With Us

For any hedge cutting and hedge trimming work, we can deliver the very best rates. Considering that we are a little service, we cut our costs and do not have excessively high fuel and travel costs, which makes sure decreased rates and cost savings for our consumers and the community.

Quick Response

Being a local tree company generally allows us to book and arrive to clients' property within 48hrs.

Superior Skills

We have some of the most highly skilled tree workers and gardeners working for us in the county.

Top Quality

Every tree service or garden job that's booked in with is guaranteed with our stamp of top quality.

Affordable Work

Low setup and travel times allows us to keep our rates competitive, we won't be beaten on price!

Donegal's Local Hedge & Tree Service

For customers who book 2 or more services with us, we offer special rates and discounts. If you need hedge trimming, call us!  We would be more than happy to see how we can help you whether it’s booking in a job or just looking for guidance and advice.

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We provide professional hedge cuts to your preferred look and size, guaranteeing that the hedge and its major branches are not harmed. We practice caution not to disrupt the nests of birds inside.