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In Donegal we offer professional cutting and pruning services for trees and bushes so that they stay in healthy condition, avoid structural defects and grow in the right direction.

We can also service and prune trees for customers in the following areas:

Book a job with Tree Masters Donegal for cost-effective tree pruning services. Our service is one of the best in the area. You may require a tree pruning if you have trees on your property that have dead, dying, sick, or deteriorating branches that will need to be removed as part of a normal tree maintenance schedule.

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Specialist tree cutting techniques will only be used by certified tree surgeons and arborists who have trained in the industry and fully understand the physiology of a tree. Three techniques we have mastered are the various types of shaping Crowns, Espalier, and French pollarding that are done to achieve a well-filled tight-line appearance by cutting annual shoots back to their heads. Frequent pruning of trees is also based on the idea to give the best chance to the tree so it regrows and regenerates from the resulting damage.

We never recommend as a first approach to top or cut a tree’s primary trunk off. One of the most unsafe techniques of tree cutting is to top or head a tree. We find that this is a common enough procedure that home-owners and untrained professionals will do. When a tree is cut off at its upper point, it will strain the tree because it attempts to grow more buds and quickly leaves for maximum photosynthesis. A distressed tree with wide laceration is more vulnerable to disease and bug intrusion, it can also cause decay or cause the wood tissue to rot from weathering.

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For keeping fruit trees healthy and flourishing for numerous months, routine upkeep and care is essential. The cutting and pruning of dead and thick trees make it much easier for the tree to supply more energy in fruit development instead of vertical or horizontal growth.

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Being a local tree company generally allows us to book and arrive to clients' property within 48hrs.

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We have some of the most highly skilled tree workers and gardeners working for us in the county.

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The Tree Trimming Procedure

Routine tree cutting maximizes the structural stability and reduces the probability of wind or storm damages. Removing dead or dying branches will also reduce the likelihood that branches fall on roads or on pedestrian areas from high elevations. From large projectes to small jobs in clients’ backgardens we cover everything and because we are a local independent service, we guarantee that we have the absolute best rates in Donegal. Give us a call today and schedule a FREE estimation.

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