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Eliminate Tree Stumps Fast in Letterkenny

We provide an affordable tree stump removal service to get rid of those bother some stumps once and for all.

We can remove any stumps in the following areas:

Tree Stump Removal consists of grinding or extraction of a stump from an area of land. Grinding the surface area of a stump down below the topsoil enables replanting of an area and lowers the risk of fungus rot or a pest invasion.

tree freshly cut with tall stump in ground

The tree stump is turned into wood chips during the procedure. and can be used elsewhere in the garden. Some of our customers prefer to use the wood chips as fertilizers in their garden and greenhouse. The professional stump grinding machine we use allows us to enter small areas along the walls and garden boundaries without disturbing the area around the stump. The stump grinder is also compact enough to be installed through small walkways, which is nice if you have no access from the back of your property to your yard. For centralizing wood chips and reducing debris we use panel guards and barriers.

In general, tree stump grinding is relatively cheap compared to a complete root system extraction and removal, because it is usually possible to grind and remove stumps using only 1 or 2 workers. The grinding method also creates wood chips and mulch that can be used in your flower beds. Stump removal can be a difficult and dangerous operation without the right equipment. Please get in touch with us if you need the best tree stump removal company in Donegal.

tree stump with roots dug up from ground

Benefits of Tree Stump Removal

The entire stump is gotten rid of and processed, The wood-chips can be utilized as fertilizer through your garden, Reclaim your garden/land use, Cost-efficient and fast removal, Doesn't use harmful chemical agents.

Quick Response

Being a local tree company generally allows us to book and arrive to clients' property within 48hrs.

Superior Skills

We have some of the most highly skilled tree workers and gardeners working for us in the county.

Top Quality

Every tree service or garden job that's booked in with is guaranteed with our stamp of top quality.

Affordable Work

Low setup and travel times allows us to keep our rates competitive, we won't be beaten on price!

Quick & Easy Tree Stump Removals in Letterkenny

Top Quality Equipment

We have some of the most efficient modern machinery in the industry to draw up tree stumps quickly and proficiently. In a couple of hours, we can completely get rid of most stumps, with minimal impact to the surrounding environment.

Permanent Removals

It will not grow back when the tree stump is cleared away. Although willow trees are recognized to send out a shoot off a perishing root from underground, but it can be handled easily.

Contact For FAST Tree Stump Removals

We can estimate a job based on the size of the tree stump so give us some information and a picture of the stump and in 24 hours we will come back to you with a no obligation quote for the service.