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We Are A Skilled Tree Cutting Company

We provide the most competent tree cutting services in the market. We have a number of years of tree cutting and garden maintenance experience and are fully trained and insured.

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tree cutting on a busy street in a confined spot

Our crew uses professional equipment and power tools to cut and fell trees for customers in Donegal. We have trained in the arboricultural service industry for over 30 years and in that time have mastered all tree cutting techniques including bore-cuts, tree driving, using felling aids like manual and mechanical wedges, crane removals, and utilizing cherry pickers to get up to safe working heights to cut trees and control their fall down to the ground



Our team keep their equipment in optimal working condition and have them serviced regularly, this is better for the environment and also allows us to complete servicing of trees to a high level of precision and great workmanship. It would be extremely inefficient and unsafe to cut a tree with a blunt axe or chainsaw.


tree removed and being cut down into small pieces

Our Experts Can Handle All Types of Tree Cutting

Our local tree felling company operates to the highest BS standards and criteria. We are fully certified to carry out safe and effective tree cutting.

Quick Response

Being a local tree company generally allows us to book and arrive to clients' property within 48hrs.

Superior Skills

We have some of the most highly skilled tree workers and gardeners working for us in the county.

Top Quality

Every tree service or garden job that's booked in with is guaranteed with our stamp of top quality.

Affordable Work

Low setup and travel times allows us to keep our rates competitive, we won't be beaten on price!

We Provide Specialist Tree Cutting Procedures

Back Pulling

This involves cutting a tree against the normal lean that can be used to break a tree from its base. Using a winching device, back pulling is commonly carried out to secure the tree on the top which controls the falling operation.

Tree Driving

This includes tree cutting in an established way and angle to enable a tree to fall into another and bring both of them down. Typically this is only carried out in a forestry setting as for property tasks there is not a great deal of area to deal with.

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